Together- expanding our online presence; not only to be the most valuable team players or even brand, but to be the most valuable in everything we do and believe in the World! Seamlessly integrated, and with the next big thing to support everyone in the community. Together to be second to none in providing the best customer experiences, to bring inspiration in the World, build communities, tell stories, with ambassadors and fans that share a passion and a common goal. To believe and by pushing beyond what is thought to be possible, specifically in emerging markets around the world.

About Patrick, CIO & marketer: I maintain an abundant mentality. A successful joyful life in everything we do is largely what I bring to the table. I choose to live in a realm of possibility.

I embody strong leadership traits, an ever growing thirst for new knowledge, a passionate entrepreneurial spirit & consistent positive focus.
I have an extensive background in a vast array of Engineering disciplines including Computer Science & Electronics, Sales, Market & Business Development which I have applied mainly to the consumer and high-tech industry sectors before. Operational excellence as part of a optimization plan but certainly within certain principles. Being able to explore quickly and act. Kind of like an athlete. Grasping opportunities together and the tremendous and unlimited potential as a dream team. Changing the way athletes contribute to YOUR story as well!

I am also a social media specialist & founder of YouAre. My mission is to help countless businesses flourish, and succeed by empowering all and (top)athletes(.com) with the most revolutionary, innovative products in the world while supporting the joint team of ambassadors, fans and agents in achieving extraordinary success delivering the most exiting products to our customers and enhancing the human experience.

Extensive background in the following broad based competencies:

✦Computer Engineering
✦Electronic Engineering
✦Mobile Media
✦Mobile Marketing
✦Internet Marketing
✦Network Marketing
✦Marketing Strategies
✦Social Media
✦Personal Branding
✦Social Entrepreneurship
  ✦Business Networking
✦Social Networking
✦Project Management
✦Team Management
✦Business Growth
✦Business Development
✦Personal Development
✦Motivation & Inspiration
✦Self actualization