HOW? Make Your Video

The truth is you don’t need to create a video to raise funds on your own website. However, crowdfunding industry statistics suggest that you will be 50 percent more likely to reach your goal if you do. We understand your reluctance. There’s the camera part, the microphone, and then the editing. All of those things can be daunting. It doesn’t need to be an Academy Award-winning presentation. It doesn’t need to be elaborate at all. It does need to be honest and sincere. Funny and self-deprecating is always good too.

You can even use your Smartphone or tablet to shoot it and edit it (shoot portrait view). A real video camera and editing software (or better yet, a friend who will shoot and edit it for you) is better, but don’t wait for the perfect set-up. Go with what you’ve got. Today. Now.

We provide to you a step-by-step guide on making a video. But it’s just that — a guide. Feel free to get creative and have fun. Just make sure you hit the main points of your message.

Footage and Photos

Obtain video footage of yourself playing your sport. Have a friend shoot it. Find someone who already has video of you. If that’s not available or possible, can you round up some photos?

Video Script

Next, in preparation for your on-camera appeal, customize the video script below into your own words. (Change to “We” and “Our” if you’re a team or organization.) Practice delivering your lines until it feels comfortable.

Hello, my Name is ______ and I’m a _______(ie.: ski jumper, baseball player, mountain
climber, youth hockey coach). I have been ___________(skiing, playing hockey, etc) for
______ years.

My goal is to _________(ie.: compete in 12 international events on the World Cup Tour during
the 2014-2015 season).

For me ________(the sport or activity) helps me ___________(build confidence, work with
teammates, challenge myself).

I want to _____________________(repeat your goal here) because _________ (tell us what this
will mean to you to achieve it).

Your support will help me pay for ________ (travel, uniforms, entry fees, etc.)

We have ___ (the length of your campaign) days to raise ______ (your financial goal).

Whatever you can give will really help. Please also spread the word about my goals and personal website. Email a
link to my Fanpage website, Facebook it, Tweet it. Tell your friends. Whatever you can do will
really help.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my dream with you.

Film Yourself

Get in front of a camera, Smartphone, or tablet. Sit or stand in front of a neutral background that will not distract from your message. Put the camera on something steady (a tripod, a counter, a table, etc.) Focus the camera on you. Make sure that you are lit up brighter than the background.

Pay attention to audio. Make sure there is not a lot of background noise and that your voice can be heard clearly.

Look right into the camera and deliver your appeal in a relaxed and natural manner.

Shoot until you’ve covered all your points clearly.

Be sure to finish your appeal by looking directly into the camera.

Edit The Video

    Find a friend to edit it for you.
    Don’t have a friend who can do it? Don’t worry, it’s not hard.
    Start by opening a simple desktop video editing application (iMovie, Final Cut, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle, etc). You can use an online tool like YouTube’s free video editor, but the upload of all the raw video will take forever. It’s probably best to only use an online video tool to finish, after you’ve gotten your video footage into one file.
    Using your desktop editing program, select the take or clip that you feel is best for each line of dialog and put it on the timeline.
    Insert 5 to 15 seconds of action video at the beginning. If you don’t have action video, use a photograph, or go right to the video of you introducing yourself. If you want to use music, DON’T USE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. That’s against the law. Instead, get it from a royalty free library such as:
        Audio Jungle
        CC Mixter
        Free Music Archive
    Next, insert the best clips of yourself reading the lines into the camera (beginning with “Hello, my name is…” and progressing through “…thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my dream with you.”)
    Now you have what’s known as a radio cut. It’s all the narration and none of the b-roll action footage. This should not exceed 150 seconds. If it does, trim it.
    Use pieces of action footage to cover your edits.
    Don’t use fancy or elaborate transitions from clip to clip. Straight cuts are best.
    Be sure to close with a sincere thank you, delivered straight into the camera.
    End the video with a direct call to action like “Boost Today!”, include the direct link to your personal website and leave it on screen for at least 7 seconds.
    Put a FADE UP at the beginning of your video and a FADE OUT at the end.
    Follow the directions for your desktop video editing software to compress and create the video file.

Post Your Video

We recommend using YouTube or Vimeo to post your video, but we support dozens of video hosting services. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy and free to set up an account. Go to or

Publish On Your Photo and/or Video Page

Embed videos/Add YouTube videos to a website or blog by embedding it.

Here’s how to embed a video:
    Click the Share link under the video.
    Click the Embed link.
    Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
    Paste the code into your blog or website (HTML view).
Go to "Edit" view on your personal website and paste it into the part that says “HTML edit”.

Share Your Video

Your video may be your best ally in helping you get the word out about your campaign. Share your video web page link on Facebook, Twitter, and send it in an email to your contacts.