The customer journey we like to provide is by presenting products and sales in combination with topsport! #TopathletesCOM or nationaly #TopsporterNL are some of the webshops combined with #crowdfunding #sponsoring #donations ...Most important is that #TopathletesCOM #TopgymnastsCOM e.g. get the attention they deserve! Plus as an barter they provide (for all of us) the place to advertise, generate money to support even more and more ambassadors!

Together with our brand and very OWN marketplace #YouAre (EU/NL to start with) affiliate marketing will be combined with reselling products by dropshipment programs e.g. ...Meaning that we very well could be "THE NEXT BIG THING" ; an other coach ; etc. will be our first shops. Let the games begin!

The exact services we provide, IS to support YOU... HOW?

Choose your own domain and TOGETHER we buildt YOUR personal IMAGE, ONLINE! Ownership domain-name: YOURS 4EVER!
...Just ONE LIKE: TopAthletes! YOUR image on smartphones, iPads, on the Web, combined with YouTube, Social Media, etc.

Please NOTE: No membership or setup fees for true sportsmen or sportswomen;
PLUS, Campaign(s): If we are not able to advertise with a connection to our own BRAND and marketplace: YouAre (EU/NL), and ONLY if you raise money, we always inform you that or when we charges a 5 percent platform fee, while PayPal charges a 2.9 percent transaction fee + .30 cents per transaction e.g.

YouAre (EU/NL) — ...kickstarts your sportscareer as well!

It's also no secret at all that we sell goods! Barter: ...if possible by you/ambassadors in return, NOT to charge ANY FEE's to you!

 YouAre — Top products, trendy models, ... We are a one-stop NL/EU shop overseas for: New, outlet, used, vintage, ...
 Fashion, Music, Gadgets & more — Everything from the USA + THE Marketplace to NL/EU - ...of For and BY you!
 ExportZ/YouAre: Opening doors — Opening doors for USA manufacturers, whole sales, suppliers, EU/NL clients + dealers!
 Why? YouAre! Think about it... And then stop dreaming your life and start living your dream!