What makes you smile? The next big thing! “Think differently”; Think big with the right attitude and persistence; to be able to deliver; reducing the Time-to-Market in c-commerce; together create breakthrough solutions and technology; to be truly “Second To none”; a market position to be defensible 10 and 20 years into the future; to identify a unique opportunity that others don’t see; creating and doing something totally new!

The right ingredients for success togher: Collaboration & Synergy; Communication, Connection and Commerce; IT, Marketing en Sales as 1;

Zaterdag.nl focus: Creating, developing & exploiting internet concepts; agile; guide of teacher; the mobilizer; crowdfunding for sportsmen, ambassadors, fans; resilient, flexible, scalable

The “connected company” ExportZ.COM Market & business development (USA to EU); A new focus for organizations to become more profitable and competitive. Our collaboration promotes fresh views to manufacturers, suppliers, our dealers and customers being true ambassadors and fans as well!

YouAre ...Deep in the skate culture, sports! Bringing idea´s and Sports To Life!

Togehter kickstart sportsmen, athletes, ambassadors and fans; continuously aim high in creativity, quality and service; usps.eu/.nl omni-channel logistics; their products into new international markets; No one looses, it's all about creating an efficient distribution chain in the first place!

How exactly? Each of our hobby- and professional sports networks e.g. connects and inspires in a smart way existing networks of sports clubs and federations, sports news, sports providers, brands, jongtalenten.nl and business.
These regional networks are further uniting and summarized in the larger - YouAre (.NL) -sport, ... etc. - Network NL ...[YouAre.MARKET/.ORG/.EU/.BE/.NL], plus even Topathletes.COM internationally to name a few;
Cooperation of any Topsport(st)er.nl, businesses and other organizations to create a vital, healthy and economically attractive Belgium/Netherlands/Europe/... To realize a positive sports climate, modern sports facilities, attractive sports events, an incredible personal image of every sportsmen, topathletes and strengthening of sport values.

Brand & product development, innovation, positioning Go-to-market strategy, marketing & News; To be there new local sales point: Sports 3.0 - Also supported by our very own USPS.eu/.nl logistics; Our own registered brand & YouAre marketplace (.ORG/.MARKET/.EU/.BE/.NL); Topathletes.COM international; TeamTopsporters.nl Topsporter.nl national loyalty programs and e.g. Skater.nl; Funsporter.nl; To optimize existing Markets; Conquer New Markets; Local sales point; Worldwide network in sports media sponsor Zaterdag.nl as ideal partner in a number of regional networks: topspringers.nl, topturn(st)ers.nl, topdansers.nl, topacrobatiek.nl etc. etc.