The 3C's of Crowdfunding: Communicate; Connect & Cooperate

Why Raising Funds... Your sport doesn't come without a price tag, but is a very expensive sport. It always has been. And like many others you have only been able to compete at the regional level for the past few years because it is so expensive to get to more contests. Even though your mom and dad both work hard and they do everything for you and they are very supportive parents plus SUPER lucky to have them. You have always wanted to compete in bigger events, but it has just been to expensive the past few years. This season, you really want to make it happen and with support, it can happen this year. You really want to help out getting to contests this season, and start working harder to achieve your dreams. The need to pay for Coaches, fees, airfare, gas, food, and lodging and tickets and it adds up. A lot. Luckily, you have the support from your awesome sponsors to help you out with Gear. Fortunetley, And pherhaps you don't need to travel abroad yet so you don't need as much money as other do competing internationally. But in the end you hope to raise e.g. 2,000 dollars this season to help you get to different states in the country to get you on the road to your olympic dreams.

Lets get our funding togheter!

Whether you represent a club, a team or an individual, you know the sacrifices made to pursue a dream. Finances don't need to be a setback. Learn about any individual new partnership with Top Athletes (.COM), and start adding to your fundrainsing toolkit today. ...your OWN personal website and image ONLINE PLUS when necessary your crowdfunding toolkit all in one solution ALREADY prepared!

Why is anyone doing this?
E.g. [YOU, ask your self:] Our budget allows for only some sportsmen and teams to receive funding for travel and training.  So we went in search of a way to help you help yourself, and develop the funds you need to continue your training.    We’re excited about the personal approach and the connection with the Top Athletes platform because it’s easy to use, requires no initial fee, offers significant exposure and charges the least in processing after donations.  Plus, other sports have seen great results using crowdfunding. Besides that: Your own webdomain and platform is and will be always yours.  You create it, you promote it. Any sport athlete who agrees receives a personal website and at the start nothing else from your Top Athletes then our mutual commitment to buidt a Second To None profile and sponsorships to support the sportsmen. So we simply give you a platform we trust to increase your credibility and exposure. 

What is Crowd Funding?
Crowdfunding is a fancy term for asking many people for a small amount of financial help to achieve a clearly stated goal.  Online Crowdfunding enables your supporters and fans to share your goals with their network.
Why Top Athletes?
Asking for help can be hard.  With so many campaigns happening online and offline, it can be difficult to come up with a compelling reason for donors, supports, fans, ... to help.  What you don’t realize is that your donors already know you.  You will be distributing your personal profile to YOUR network.  Your donors care about you and they want to invest in your dream.  You just have to ask.

Who should run a campaign?
Clubs, Teams and Individuals.  It’s easier to reach modest, specific goals with crowdfunding.  If your team needs a significant amount of financial assistance, it may be advisable to have each group of team members, and the very best in your team to create an individual and personal image, connected to the higher goal so goals can be met.  Remember, your donors want you to succeed, so make the goal achievable.

Can I recommand a campaign for someone else?
Absolutely!  Often a coach, parent or friend sees the struggles an athlete is experiencing and wants to help.  You can both discuss what domainname is the most suitable for your goals and create a campaign togheter with someone you care about.  Sometimes, making the ask on behalf of someone whose greatness you see, can go a long way.

How to create a compelling message     Your campaign needs a good story and a great pitch.  People will boost your campaign because it’s fun, rewarding and they want to be a part of your journey.  Connect with them.  Create a story they want to share with their network.

Prepare for your campaign

Be Specific
Your story should be detailed and heartfelt.  Let your audience know why you are raising funds and how reaching your goal will affect you.   The more details you offer, the stronger your message will be.  

Realistic Ask
Your donors, suporters, fans, ... want you to succeed.  Set your goal modestly.  You can always run one campaign for Outdoor Nationals and another, later, for another event.  The more achievable your goal is, the more your donors will contribute.

Images Matter
You are creating a Rally because you love something. Share that love and excitement with your audience.  Images (...Photoalbums, but also News, Achievements, your biography, ...) help to introduce a real person (you!) with a real goal.   

Videos are a great way to state your message in a way that your audience will share. Nothing gets shared more than videos.  Nothing says more than YOU saying it yourself. Take your time.  Practice.  Be sure to show your audience who you are and why this campaign is important to your future.

The success of your campaign will be determined by how many people see it.  Use your social media accounts to share your message!  Ask your friends and family to help by sharing and emailing, too.  And keep sharing; Top Athletes campaigns recommends weekly shares.  

Keep an eye on your campaign.  Boosters – donors – may offer feedback as they donate.  Make small changes to wording or update your images.  Remember you can always add your video or swag (incentives to donate) at a later date.  When you do, remember to re-post about your campaign.               

Getting Started on Top Athletes

Have your PayPal Account information handy
You will need a PayPal account to collect funds.  If you don’t already have one, establish an account and have the username ready.

Start a Campaign
Visit introduce youre self and let us start a campaign toghether.  After the test phase you will need to Sign Up and in betweeen sent us some basic information.  So even for a “TEAM” if you are a club or organization.  Name your campaign something personal and memorable and set your Goal.

Write your Story, buidt your personal image
Once your campaihn has been created, you will have FULL-acces if required to your personla platform.  Visit this area and begin to build a compelling campaign.   Add images that enable your viewers to get to know you and your dream.

Upload a Video
You know a video goes a long way in establishing your campaign, so be sure to add it.  You don’t have to go live with a video but be sure to add one soon after.

Define your Swag
Want to offer lessons, autographs, friendship bracelets?  A little something for a donation can go a long way.  Need a little help in this area?  Find along some great companies to find some low cost swag you can offer.

Go Live
Turn your campaing LIVE as your personal newswebsite and take your message to the world.  Remember to send a few emails and make a few calls to make sure your message is heard. Visit local businesses, and share flyers with a link to your personal website, too!  You can always revisit your campaing website to add more information.