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Just like our voluntary and official ambassador: Dian Nissen, is a professional speaker, trampoline champion, and nationally recognized health, wellness, and longevity expert. From her early years as a competitive athlete, Dian made the transition to fitness and health professional and has been teaching fitness and health for over 30 years. In 1994, Dian founded her company, Ageless Fitness, to promote health and wellness for people of all ages and abilities. She has produced numerous exercise videos that have motivated thousands of people to improve their fitness and wellness. Dian inspires people to take charge of their lives, improve their self esteem and body image, and achieve better health and well-being through physical activity.

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Dian Nissen Ramirez, trampoline, sports and more... — Dian is a certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise and holds a Master of Science degree in Health Education and Exercise Science. Drawing on over 25 years as a master fitness trainer and Pilates professional, she speaks to businesses and organizations about the benefits of adopting long-term, healthy lifestyle habits. Dian is a women's health advocate and expert on women's wellness, fitness and achieving maximum health. She also offers health programs to business owners to reduce their healthcare costs and optimize performance. Her audience interactive presentations are uplifting, educational and fun.

Dian shares her compelling story of creativity and persistence, with her own message of hope, reinvention, and resilience, to those seeking to change their lives, one small step at a time. Audiences leave infused with motivation and takeaways include: a toolkit filled with insights to their own personal health, and fun fitness skills they can immediately implement.

In addition, Dian, aka the Trampoline Diva, is the International Ambassador for Trampolines and promotes the use of trampolines for fitness, health, sport and recreation around the world, providing public awareness and education on trampoline safety and the history of the trampoline. She is the daughter of George Nissen, the inventor of the trampoline. She is a multiple world-title athlete and competitor, multiple U.S. Women’s Trampoline champion, and AAU All-American.

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"Every step counts." — Dian Nissen


    United States Women's Trampoline Champion (1976 - 1980). Winner of Individual trampoline, Double-mini trampoline, and synchronized trampoline events.
    AAU All-American
    Telly Award winner and National Mature Media Award winner for her Ageless Fitness exercise videos.
    World Age Group Champion in the Individual trampoline, Double-mini trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and Trampoline Spaceball.
    Winner of the Write, Speak, Promote contest sponsored by Hay House Publishing, one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world and the leading publisher in the self-help industry.
    Winner of Miss Beautiful Body aerobic and fitness competition, Florida, USA.

Find out more about Dian Nissen Ramirez at http://www.trampolinediva.com.